Day: January 17, 2014

Two of a Kind


Morty and Lucy are two of a kind
Who knew when they met
Their lives would intertwine
Morty likes numbers
And Lucy likes words
Together they seek the world’s many wonders
Morty and Lucy have lots of laughter
The two of them fly
Living happily ever after

Naughty or Nice


“Have you been naughty or nice?”

I wake up to see a smile full of sharp, yellow teeth.  He’s standing at the foot of the bed with an axe covered in blood.  With a gasp, I bolt toward the door.  His long nails claw my hair as I run, almost tripping on the hardwood floor.  My heart pounds as I sprint toward the stairway.  If only I can make it downstairs.

“Have you been naughty or nice?”  His voice is close and I can smell his rotting breath behind me.  SLAM.  The axe crashes into the wall within an inch from my right ear.  The stairs seem a mile long.  Instead of taking one step at a time, I can take two or maybe even three.  I have to.  But would I make it?  I take a deep breath and jump over as many as I can.  I need to fly. 

The monster’s talons grab a hold of my left shoulder.  I fall back on a step and tumble down the remaining flight of stairs.  The back of my head hits the bottom of the staircase.  Lying there with my head throbbing, I see large eyes and a wide bear trap smile.

“Have you been naughty or nice?” he purrs as he raises the axe.



Gustav Klimt - Danae
Sleep, my beauty, sleep
For when you awake
Your worries will be deep
You are the queen
Who awaits her king
The distance far between
Sleep, my beauty, sleep
For when you awake
Your worries will be deep
The beautiful mind
Is far and away
But souls are intertwined
Sleep, my beauty, sleep
For when you awake
Your worries will be deep
The only choice
To hear his voice
A daily tall rejoice

New and Improved


This post is let every one know that many of the previous posts were actually transferred over from my old blog (oldest post is probably a month old).  So, if the date of a post appears to be out of place (i.e., talk of Christmas time in a blog post dated this week), just know that it’s an old post that’s just been transferred over.  Thanks for reading!

Secret to Happiness


According to the American Enterprise Institute, the secret to happiness is 48% genetics, 40% life events, and 12% choices (family/friends, faith/values, community/giving, work/earned success).  In other words, if one is genetically predisposed to feeling unhappy, his choices and life events can make all the difference in terms of his overall happiness.  Food for thought.