Saving Face


Being on the east and west coasts has taught me few a things about my skin and skincare and makeup needs (which do change every now and then).  Since we’ve established that this is the first year I’ve started using serums and have changed my skincare line a bit, I figured I would investigate my current makeup regimen and explore some changes to that, as well.

When I’m in the east with the humidity, my skin is very sensitive and acne-prone.  Most liquid foundations worked well for me until grad school.  Then, my skin decided it had had enough of the liquid masks.  So, I tried mineral makeup and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Now that I’ve been hanging out in the west, my skin is quite dry and, although I still get those pesky blackheads, acne (for the most part) has kept its distance.  The problem with my wearing mineral makeup out here is that, because my skin is so dry, it looks like a thick layer of powder covering my face.  I also feel it more for some reason (if that makes any sense).  So, here are a couple discoveries I’ve made that work wonders for dry skin and/or people with combination skin that tends to get drier in the winter and/or certain geographic regions:  Christian Dior’s AirFlash Foundation and Yves Saint Laurent’s Top Secrets BB Cream.

Although CD’s AirFlash foundation is a bit messy to put on (you are literally spray-painting your face), the effect is amazing.  The finish is soft and airbrushed (powder finish) and you feel absolutely nothing.  I have never had a foundation that felt this light.  Incredible.

YSL’s Top Secrets BB cream is, of course, creamier (as BB creams are meant to be versus other types of foundations).  If you want a dewy look, this is it.  This BB cream erases blemishes and oxidizes to your skin tone (there are only three color choices for this foundation and oxidation takes about 10 minutes).

Neither has given me any side effects (i.e., breakouts, etc.).  And, as a bonus, I’ve also been able to set both foundations with my mineral powder foundation.  But that’s only if I have a long day ahead and don’t plan on refreshing the base.  And that, my friends, is how I am “saving face” this winter  :).

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