So, I have completely fallen off the wagon in terms of keeping my gym/workout resolution.  And, of course, I’ve been using every excuse in the book to rationalize my not going to the gym lately (AVIVA events, consulting, period/time of the month, etc.).  I just don’t get that “runner’s high” or any other high associated with working out.  If working out felt as good as shopping, eating, and/or sex, hell, I’d do it all the time!  But, unfortunately, it doesn’t for me.  I hate it so much (but know that I have to do it for my health) that I think I’m going to start working out in the morning (versus mid-day or evening).  Get it the hell out of the way first thing.  And, as a matter of fact, I did go for a swim about an hour ago (first time in two months, I think–it’s been a while…  *SIGH*).  So, there–I’ve redeemed myself  :).  And the feeling of having accomplished something this morning makes my breakfast (apple sausages, home fries with onions, and sunny side up eggs) taste all the better.

In other news, I’m organizing another event for April 20–mimosas and trunk show for a jewelry store that recently hired me as a consultant (this is not related to AVIVA but if anyone would like more info on it, feel to drop me a line).  Anyone have any tips on making mimosas?  Being allergic to alcohol, I have no idea.  Although I ‘m sure I can find something on Google and/or a “kit” at one of these food/cooking stores (World Market, Sur la Table, etc.).   That and another (AVIVA) event for the week of Mother’s Day.

Remember the days when we would all get tons of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons?  Now, I have to scramble around trying to find just one.  And, in case you haven’t noticed, each coupon is only for one item–what the hell?


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