Day: July 25, 2014



I love writing because it allows me to live a double life (or several lives).  When it comes to real life, I believe in love, justice, honesty, loyalty, integrity, and dependability.  And, to a certain extent, that is what non-fiction writing ought to be, as well.  However, when it comes to fiction writing, there are no rules.  And that’s what I love most about it–the freedom to do what ever the hell you want to do with any one and/or any thing with zero consequences.  Also, the manipulation of readers’ emotions (just when you think it’s safe, the killer is standing right behind you).  Readers (myself included) want to be manipulated, transported, and weaved into fiction works.  That’s the whole point in reading the stuff.  It’s a form of escape.  Not just for the reader but for the writer, as well.

My three big goals for this year (other than having a healthy pregnancy and carrying this baby to term) is to write a children’s book, a book of poems (for adults), and (here’s the super ambitious one) a story and/or book modeled after John Milton’s Paradise Lost in that the subject is a villain who is capable of receiving sympathy (and perhaps even empathy) from the audience.  So stay tuned and more shall be revealed…

Empress’ New Clothes


So I finally took the plunge and started getting a few pieces for my fall and winter wardrobe.  Given the fact that I’m in the second trimester, it won’t be long before my belly doubles in size.  My sundresses will only last until the end of summer and my leggings are begging for dear life.  Plus, wearing D’s T-shirts to run errands won’t fly when it’s 50-60 degrees out.  Time to get maternity clothes.  *SIGH*  So, here’s what I ordered:

(1)  Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Wrap Dress in black and gray

(2)  Eva Alexander Maternity Wrap Dress in black

(3)  Isabella Oliver Maternity Wrap Dress in gray

(4)  Everly Grey Maternity Wrap Dress in black

(5)  Spanx “Power Mama” Maternity Power Panties in nude

(6)  Spanx “Mama” Maternity Pantyhose in nude

(7)  Topshop High Waist Maternity Leggings in black

As you can see, I’m a fan of wrap dresses, leggings, black and gray (for the cooler months), and Nordstrom.  They’re just so versatile.  And since this is all new to me (the realm of maternity wear), I feel more comfortable knowing that if anything happens (poor fit, broken zipper. wrong color, etc.), I can always return anything and everything back to the store with no questions asked.  For those of you who don’t know, Nordstrom will take anything and everything back at any time as long you have the tags and receipts.  So save your tags and receipts!

The above should be enough to get started.  Other things I’ll need include a good coat (which I did not see on Nordstrom’s site or anywhere else) and a couple sweaters and cardigans.  Next stop:  baby stuff.


It’s half past nine
Time for you to shine
I sit here waiting
For you anticipating
There you are
So close yet so far
Every night
My eyes burn bright
Always yearning for
A knock on your door
The touch of your skin
For me a wide grin
A pull of your hair
Not just an affair
Taking your body
Like there’s nobody
Feeling your breath
A thousand sweet deaths
Perhaps one day
I’ll come out and play
And take a few bites
Under your lights