I love writing because it allows me to live a double life (or several lives).  When it comes to real life, I believe in love, justice, honesty, loyalty, integrity, and dependability.  And, to a certain extent, that is what non-fiction writing ought to be, as well.  However, when it comes to fiction writing, there are no rules.  And that’s what I love most about it–the freedom to do what ever the hell you want to do with any one and/or any thing with zero consequences.  Also, the manipulation of readers’ emotions (just when you think it’s safe, the killer is standing right behind you).  Readers (myself included) want to be manipulated, transported, and weaved into fiction works.  That’s the whole point in reading the stuff.  It’s a form of escape.  Not just for the reader but for the writer, as well.

My three big goals for this year (other than having a healthy pregnancy and carrying this baby to term) is to write a children’s book, a book of poems (for adults), and (here’s the super ambitious one) a story and/or book modeled after John Milton’s Paradise Lost in that the subject is a villain who is capable of receiving sympathy (and perhaps even empathy) from the audience.  So stay tuned and more shall be revealed…

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